For Sale Only - Near Mint Trigger + Extras! Yours for only $500

This Trigger is very near mint and has some special upgrades! I’ve installed a ceramic KK bearing and new CBC yellow pro pads! I’ll also include the limited edition counterweight (and string!) as well as the custom string knot removal tool!

$500 (shipping is extra)

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does it vibe?



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Could you do it for $490 only I don’t have enough to pay for shipping as well? Oh I also forgot about the paypal fees…

I’ll take 10

Do you accept trades?

I can offer my mint OG Peak + up to $1000

I will buy it for 10 dollars

Ok, so I just pm’d him. Shipping is parcel post for $48.32.

Actually, I don’t know why I’m saying this. I’m buying this, this is a steal

pm sent

this is not a steal, you steal it get it right! do you accept monopoly money then I’m down to buy it

Maybe a little bit on grinds.

Write back when your post looks like this ^^. It’s rude to lowball.

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Also does it eat strings?

Maaaan :frowning: ! So bummed I just spent 600 bucks on one of lesser quality and NO extras. :’(

Smokin deal here boys and girls!

I know it’s against the rules to bump, but is that called a Trigger because someone pulled a “Trigger” and shot at the right half?

You should have posted “This will be super hard to get off me.”

Counterweight looks acidic. Does “Toxic” make those?

If you make a little hook at the end of that bearing removal tool, you might have a customer here. Otherwise looks like a fair deal. :-\

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This is my favorite comment I’ve heard in a long time!

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Jason will you take my Harley for it ? Ill ride to NERS we can trade there ok ??? Thanks brother . oh and ill throw in a helmet since you cut your hair . Best J . P.S. I can throw in my dog as a sweetener.

Is it still for sale?

I got banned for doing this as a joke. I don’t think this is funny at all.