For Sale Only MonkeyfingeR Ceasar No Trades. SOLD

$90 + $7 s&h CONUS only. For sale only. No trades. MonkeyfingeR Cesar. Mint condition, 1st owner. Thrown a few times. Stupid long spin times. One miniscule pinprick pictured. Comes with box, pouch and sticker, box in same condition received from yoyo expert. Tracked and insured. PayPal only. Not an issue but signature will be required upon delivery if sending as payment. No sales on here but have eBay account you can reference. Thanks for looking!

So it has a ding and you’re wanting more than $30 more than it costs brand new from a retailer?

Uh… ?

Honestly had completely forgotten what I bought it for, checked and revised price. Thanks for the heads up.

Yeah that’s much more appealing. It really is a sweet throw performance wise, but the ano is truly something special.