For sale: G2 Pelican, Case File 003

For sale only. All include original boxes, accessories, etc. All mint and purchased new by me. Prices include shipping in US. PayPal F&F or cover fees.

G2 Pelican. Glitch. Bubbleyum. $90
G2 Elite 2018. Sunset Fade. $130
G2 Big Boi 430. Red. $85
G2 Case File 003. Purple. $125
G2 Banshee. Glitch. B&W. $93



Do you personally recommend the Big Boi? I’m on the fence on this one.

Yo I’ll take the banshee

100% you definitely need it :wink: lol but seriously it’s pretty fun. Definitely big, but totally playable. Not like H5 big or some of the other monster throws over the years that I’ve had. Not super heavy or tiring. Big yoyos are nice if anyone is watching you throw, and just a fun way to mix it up. The nicest over-oversized I’ve played I think.


PM sent, let me know

Please forgive my ignorance, but what does “glitch” refer to?

It’s what Jake calls something with either ano flaws or a smidgen of vibe. Similar to Fool’s Gold for CLYW, Not Quite Perfect for One Drop, or any number of names companies have.

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Bump, couple left.

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