For Sale/For Trade Brand New MWB YYR Laser in Slate Blue

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YYR Laser has been traded. Can a moderator delete this post?


This is my first B/S/T. I’ve bought a few throws in here, but this will be the first time I have tried to sell or trade one of my throws. This Laser is brand new MWB. I would say Mint In Box, but truth be told I have thrown it a few times. This throw is just not for me. It was a gift and was unopened when given to me about a month ago. I like a little more color in my throws.

I’d really like to trade for a CLYW Chief in Musket. I know that is easier said than done but I would be willing to trade straight across for that if the Chief is mint. If you have one that you’re one the fence about trading, let me know and I’ll buy it outright if it is in Musket.

Please hit me up with solid Bonfires too

I will accept trade offers as well as cash of course. Get at me please. For trades I would prefer:
Wooly Marmot 1 & 2
Puffin 1

Various Turning Point Throws

Hit me up with ANY CLYW or Turning Point, or of course cash offers.

Also, in the fourth picture, those are not dings. Just dust or something. Throw is in perfectly mint condition and brand new. No scratches or anything. Has never been unscrewed or damaged in any way shape or form.


I want these bad! I’ll pay top dollar. Looking for mint condition throws please. Have cash or plenty of Mint throws if you’re wanting.

Bump. Big thanks to the Moderators for fixing the orientation of my pictures. You are all great!

Bumping uglies!

Bumble Stumpkins. In the fourth picture, I assure you those are not dings. Just dust or something. Throw is mint and in perfect condition.

Lisa Crump