For Sale: clyw, od - Yozakura puffin, 1to1, deep state - Price change

For sale or trade, mostly looking for an 08’ 888, General Yo Hatrick or 5 star, Green or copper parlay- or cash all throws are Basically new, the deep state is literally new only had it a few days. PM me to talk trades or prices.

CLYW ORCA - One tiny scratch that i tried to get in photo- pretty much dead smooth- SOLD
CLYW Puffin 2 yozakura colorway - NMWB - no damage, plays pretty much dead smooth - 115
OD deep state- MWB green - sold
OD 1to1- NMWB (have silver flat side effects to include)- 40

![IMG_0116|666x500](upload://6d d4BjcWt2yTPOZE4DaT6chpOVP.jpeg)




bumpski cop both for a pakcage deal

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