For Sale. Clwy and yoyofactory Sasquatch genesis campfire big deal


Brown teal speckled team edition Sasquatch mint condition - 200 OBO

Two tone red campfire mint: - 100 OBO


Genesis Miggy 2 black yellow rice stacks - 150 OBO

Big deal mint w/ string -80 OBO

All mint great yoyofactory

All have only been used a few times

I have sold before on other account, mysterion

Make offer

^ pics

Just so you know, you have to have pictures of your throws on your bst post per the mandatory BST rules.


I was just about to upload Flickr had to find password I wrote it down one sec

It’s cool. Just wanted to let you know before a mod came through and sent this bst to the archives or just deleted it.

Also @A Soviet Locust, BST rules say no negative postings about someones prices. They are set on how easily he wants to get rid of them and are subjective. I know for sure that some of my prices are too high on my bst…ok a lot of them.

Ok sorry, Forgot about that rule. and yeah, I’ve seen your B/S/T… I’d buy your YYR if I had the cash…

Yo listen prices aren’t set in stone I’m pretty darn lenient. And it’s Easter so I’m feeling nice. Make an offer ill think it over

Is a team sas really worth 200? If so that’s awesome cause I have one!

It depends its nice tho

Make offers

the Genesis + is NOT worth $150. Even if you sell the individual parts it isn’t worth close to $150

Ok I was throwing out numbers don’t be nasty. Make me a better offer I need to sell these make reasonable offer I’m very lenient