For Anyone Looking To Sell...

These are the yoyos that i am interested in-
[glow=red,2,300]Please do note that i am not rich so if i get an offer and run out of money then i obviously wont be able to buy said product[/glow]
All wants are wanting MINT
So, what i want
YYJ Mini Motu
YYJ Atmosphere
YYJ Kickside
YYJ X-Convict
YYJ Black Knight
YYJ Legacy
YYJ Hitman
YYJ Speeder
YYJ New Breed
YYJ Journey
YYJ Speedmaker
YYF Genesis
YYF Die-Nasty
YYF Frantic
YYF Hectic
YYF Lunatic
ILYY Wasabi
[shadow=red,left]Color doesnt matter[/shadow]

Not on your list but Mint Black YYJ Axiom with KK or center-trac bearing. $70 shipped.

Edit: Also, satined Frantic (small small vibe) for $35 shipped

just got a Motu and Black Knight