AvtrOfWoe's stuff Sale: SvZB, Mini- Motu, Higby Dyed Milk, and More

Ok, I have a few too many yoyos and I am selling most for Pretty cheap.

First, lets get the non-cheap ones out of the way

Caribou Lodge Bear Vs. Man Shark Vs. Zombie Beaver edition

Oh do I remember waiting to get this baby. Sold out in 45 minutes. I hate to see it go, its my last BvM :frowning: I have thrown it, but it has never been dinged dropped or even scuffed. I took care of this little marvel. $110

Higby Dyed Milk

I remember bidding on this one on eBay from my Blackberry cause I was on vacation and didnt want to lose it. Comes complete with hand painted carton. Also in “like new condition” no scratches etc. $65

Ok on to the discounted ones


Story behind this one is, a friend of mine lemme borrow this one, and I misplaced it. So I felt bad and bought him a new one. Then 3 weeks later found this one. It is in played condition, no dings, but scratches, and the rims have dimmed as YYJ’s tend to do. $30

[s]Evil Eye CU

Acquired this in a multi-yoyo deal, but I have the original, so don’t really need to. It never NEVER got thrown except maybe twice in my possession. Just has a regular raw yo-yo look. Nothing significant. $45[/s]

YYJ Relics (pair)

Long Story short, Jennifer Baybrook came to my yo-yo club when I started and I just felt like I had to have her yo-yos. Then once she moved, never used them again. They are out of production, so unless you get them from someone, you aren’t going to find them. $20 for the pair

[s]Pat modded Glow Raiders

Got these when I was trying to learn to 2A. Unfortunately, only one has the FULL mod to come with it. After I took the picture, I opened them up, and apparently I stole the plastic spacers to go in something else out of one of them. But upon request I can put in unsanded spacers. it did have the overtightening done. $15 for the pair, or $7 and I will add them on to any of the others[/s]

Things not shown that I am willing to sell:

Pink Metal Zero: never use it, has dif pads

What I call the “Frankenstein: FHZ” it is a clear FHZ that was dropped into blue dye, and is recessed (not sure by who, but it works well) then add a glitter green cap and you have this yoyo. For anyone looking for a less expensive sili recessed FHZ here it is.

Throwdown Luchador: In played condition, has merc bearing.

And that be all for now! Here are the rules of the deal(s). No trades unless you really REALLY think I will want it. Like no “Oh well, thought I would ask.” Prices are essentially final and include first class US shipping. Upgraded shipping is available upon request. There are bulk discounts (i.e. buying more then one yo-yo for one shipment), but u must ask, and I will tell you. Paypal only. And no offense but you WILL pay first. I am a respected person, many people know me (even if they dont know my username lol) plus I work for a shipping company, so I can guarantee I will ship. Also. the ones that dont have a price listed are on an offer basis, trades possible, anything is possible!

Love ya, mean it.

Want anything from here? http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,3284.msg35243.html

Either way, I am somewhat interested in either the Relics or the Raiders, not sure which yet.

I may be interested in the Relics also.

But you will have to ship first, unles you have feedback on another forum, or the deal is oof.

Sorry gm user, but I think I’ll take those Relics. Is that $20 shipped?

No problem, I don’t think it would have worked out either, so go ahead.

Yeah it is $20 shipped. my paypal is AvtrOfWoe@gmail.com

mini motu still up?
Willing to trade for my hitman?Has a few dings some scratches will throw in a pair of synergy caps

This would have been a good thing to leave to a PM.