Flower sticks and devil sticks thread

We need a thread like this, so… Anyone do flower sticks? I have a set, although I am utterly horrible at them… Anyway, who else does these?

Are you saying you mod the yoyoeXpert stickers to something else or did I miss the boat?

I believe he is asking if there are any other people who play with the skill toy “flower sticks” or “devil sticks.” He is calling people who do, “stickers” like how we sometimes call ourselves “throwers” or what have you.

I used to love devil sticks in middle school but it’s been probably 15 years…hmm…I am at my parents’ house right now though and I know there are some here. I should get those out today.

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Thanks for clearing that up, learned something new today.

You’re welcome! :wink:

I am one. :slight_smile: Love these things. At 2:02 mark in this video I do a bunch of flower sticking. I use luna stick wizards as my main sticks. the other set in this video are just some hand made ones by me.
This was years ago that I made this video. I have some new tricks since then and have started working two flower sticks at once. for that kinda’ sticking I use luna stick masters.


I met a dude on vacation that said he did flower sticks. Pretty cool dude too. He liked seeing me yoyo

No more people? :frowning:

Maybe it just needs some ciiiiiirculaaaaation :smiley:

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I do!! Just got into them about a month ago and I am hooked!! I’ve got a lunastix random flower stick that I found at goodwill and home made silicon covered wood hand sticks. I really want to get a legit devil stick but I can’t find anywhere that sells them.

I played with devil sticks back in the early ninetys, but was never any good