Flea String

So I was just wondering how long most people get out of a string on the new Mighty Flea, 'cause I’ve worn my first one out in only a few hours or so and wanted to know if that was at all normal.

and on from that I was wondering if anyone else made string suitable for the Mighty Flea (I know it’s a special Type 4, but if anyone else made anything sufficiently thin)

other than that I’m both loving and hating it :stuck_out_tongue: sooo many snags, and sooo hard to do anything with, but still fun.

Mighty flea string doesn’t last long :stuck_out_tongue: it should last even shorter than yye standard poly. And anyone who makes strings can make it.

ok good thing I bought the 100 Pack with it, I was a little worried that I was doing something to cause it to wear abnormally fast (like I seem to do with response pads :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hamstring makes flea sized strings.

Google it, Hamstring is nice. :wink:

Last time I checked Hamstrings stopped string production but they may have restarted without my knowledge.

Some places still have it in stock

You can make some yourself out of your regular poly, just cut some strands off your regular poly and you’re set.