Been yoyoing for about a year. Figured i’d make a video! I want to make a better one but it was raining outside… so this works for now! hope you enjoy

bump. Feedback is appreciated!

You have a very nice flowy style!!

Thank you! Thats what im going for!

Nice style, and nice shirt! Can’t wait for more!

Ha I love that song! I first heard it on Skate 3 but never thought of it as a yo-yo song. Now I do! Goodbye Horses!!

Good job man!

thanks everyone! Bump

All those Chopsticks-style tricks makes me think you’re secretly Augie Fash. Nice throwing.

Someones on to me! no jk haha i wish! He’s definitely one of my inspirations! Thanks!

Very nice. Always liked that song. Also, I happen to be wearing flannel right now.

the only things you should wear… just kidding… but im going through an odd obsession with flannel

I love Flannel…

Awesome stuff dude. Keep it up!

tell me about it.

I never stopped mine. Wear flannel at least twice a week…

Really good for 1 year! NICE!