Fixin up your dull raw's! NYYR:MIB Wii console, Traxxas NITRO 4-TEC

Alright, i have a mib wii, pics soon It has a twilight princess as well as other misc games along with wii fit.
-Offer but im looking for around 125 Will trade for yo’s etc

And a traxxas Nitro 4-TEC, this hasnt been used in a while. Takes the 3.3 engine upgrade.
OFFER again, around 200 Will trade for yo’s etc

5 dollars + whichever shipping you want. Which means if you send 2 yo’s its only 10 bucks and shipping, so five dollars for any job, Also, Since i know people out there are very secure, specially when it comes to nickel plated throws, What you pay me for shipping is what i get you.
Of course you can send multiple yo’s, its just five bucks each.

Nickel polishing
ano polishing
raw polishing
side effect polishing
Just a note, i am not RAWING out yoyo’s just fixing existing raw ones.

Pics of jobs

Pics of car

Bump need cash and clyw

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mint supewide silver g5 with 1or 2 small dings x convict 2nd or first run ( i dont know) for tht avalanche


it is true, his polishes are amazing. I saw those throws in real life. Just let him do his polishing and be done


i like Twilight princess, how much for it?