Fixies - ZGRT Alebrije - Price Updated + Spinworthy Urchin

Hey friends, I’m deciding to let go of a few beautiful and rare fixies. If you love fixies then today is your lucky day!

A few notes - I live in Canada, prices include shipping from Canada to US or Canada and PayPal G&S fees. (For international shipping, get in touch, thx).

Trades interested in:
Zipline/DocPop Daytripper
CoreCo AlleyCat 650b

ZGRT Alebrije in Walnut w/Purple hubs:
Mint condition - only removed from box briefly to try out. (I was saving this as a motivational reward, but have since decided I have enough yoyos and I should pass it on to someone who’s looking for one.)
Comes with all accessories.
$90 USD $80 USD

Spinworthy Urchin in Black Walnut:
Unique yoyo with large diameter and small gap, no additional response system. ~48 grams
This was Glen’s take on the A-RT Orphan.
Good condition - a few small dings. Can provide more photos if wanted.
$60 USD

Feel free to message me for any additional details. Enjoy the journey all!

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Record of Sold Yoyos:
Take Apart Spinworthy Harbinger in Black Walnut - with end grain response. ~46 grams
Very good condition - no major dings.
$85 USD - SOLD

TMBR PockeHt Prototype in Maple (w/ maple axle) - only a few of these are out there. The diameter is smaller than the production run (same diameter as the 2018 Eh). This one originally belonged to ed Haponik. ~43 grams
Excellent condition (I am the third owner, haven’t played it much - it’s a shelf queen)
$130 USD - SOLD


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Hi @archiesdad, it is not!

How about the Urchin?

If you will send your Pay Pal addy, I will get $130 friends and family off to you. thanks, archiesdad

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