Fixed Axle Tips

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Hey guys! Haven’t posted in a while.
I just got a Traveller from Freshly Dirty and loving fixed axle play now! Just wondering, what do you guys do for maintenance etc.? Never had a fixed before so I know nothing about it


Other than change the string there’s really no maintenance on a fixed axle.


^ No tips for maintenance? What about rubbing mineral oil on the outside halves or using linseed oil on the inside halves…or using paraffin on the string knots and softly buttering your elbows? Why just yesterday I spent a few hours to rewire the drive-belts on a few of my fixies. Or you could take your chances by just doing nothing and play with it like jhb8426 suggested. :-\


My only tips regarding fixed axle is to have fun :slight_smile:

And read all of the Fixed Friday posts over at YoYoNews, so many great tricks and tips there:

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WOW. I hadn’t looked at any of those since we put em out really. I’d forgotten all about them. I was kind of in a weird place that year and some of those tricks are pretty out there lol.

In terms of maintenance, not much you can do if its not take-apart. I don’t wax anything or mod anything or with most modern fixies even prep axles much. Traveler is tough to work with but great fun!

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Thanks for the help guys! I will be hitting up the Fixed Friday page for some of the basics. I can already do trapeze and chopsticks on front throw and breakaway! Fixed is extremely addicting…


I actually made a PDF that year with every one of those posts, and saved each video. So much great info. Growing up playing fixed axle, then moving on to a transaxle, I hadn’t played a fixed axle in years when you guys started those up. Made me go back, and really love yoyo.

It’d be cool to get another fixed axle column going ed, even if it’s just a bi-weekly or monthly article.




Oh man, I saw Fixed Axle “Tips”, and for a second was excited about someone posting about spin tops! :smiley: