(Five Eh) my very very first tricks showcase


Alright, so here it is. 3 of them are original tricks, the last two are clearly inspired by tricks from Jon Rob and Jake Bullock, I hope you guys like the vid


Well I now know what you look like, hehe. 1 and 2 were nice and smooth but 3-5 looked a bit choppy…don’t get me wrong, they were all awesome and I like them very much, but just a tad choppy. I would love to see more that you create.


Thanks, yes for 3-5 I’m still training my muscle memory to smooth them out, this is brand new stuff for me, hopefully they’ll be down and smooth by EYYC


Very nice, It’s smooth and choppy at some points but muscle memory will deal with that :wink: Keep throwin’ 8)


loved it. sorry i’m late.

jake b