First video please take a look and comment - New Avalanche Test - Snow day 2014

Snow day 2014
“New Avalanche Test”

Music: Duns Broccoli - Feeling Better -
First video hope ya like it, I got the day off.
Check out my channal if ya want to -

Pretty good :slight_smile: My only criticism is that if you are going to have that much non-yoyoing content, you should add a lot more content of you showing off your skills. Conversely, a 30 second video should be pretty much all yoyoing. Good luck in the future!

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This video was a test, just to see if i could even edit a video. Next time i will add alot more yoyoing in it but thanks for the comment it helps me fix some of my problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks all you guys for watching my first video. I will be making more soon and alot longer to, this was just a test for that.
-Thanks everybody

Your really good

Thank you