first video in 4-EVARRRRRR!!! O.O

Hey guys. Haven’t made a video in awhile and thought I’d make one on a whim while me and my friend were at another friend’s house.

NOTE: the music has some language in it. You were warned.

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Dude! the video got blocked due to a copyright issue, get it on vimeo!

poooooooop. -_-

He got his head blown off and lived.
This guy’s beast.
Keep up the great work Zack.

You can see it now?

Hahahaha I love the ending, and the A-Chu trick

very cool. Was the end just to experiment with effects?

Are you going to be making any more tutorials?

I always love your videos! Awesome job! :smiley:

haha, that was awseom

you have some pretty slick tricks!