First vid after having dropped yoyos for 2 years

So this is the first time i’ve picked up a yoyo in almost 2 years! any feedback on the helpfulness/ annoyingness of the effects would be greatly appreciated.

I liked it alot. I didn’t pay attention to much to the effects. Great slow motion stuff

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Wow 2 years? Thats crazy now just curious are you going to get back into yoyoing? Also I liked the slow motion that looked real nice and the effects weren’t that back either hope to see more!

2 years!? It looked like you only dropped it for 2 days!!! That was amazing!!! You have got to make tutorials man!

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Thanks! and yeah, i’d actually picked up the yoyo again the day before! I was picking up my basement and found my old box of yoyos :slight_smile: and thanks for the feedback on the effects!