Filmed With No Intention Of Showing Anyone But Whatever Haha.

(Connor) #1

Hey guys, originally just filmed this with a crappy camera while I’m waiting on my better one (Christmas) but I didn’t wanna forget these tricks in the mean time. It isn’t much, literally 3 tricks. Just figured I’d post it for views and giggles. Angles are bad, but I only filmed for me originally  :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do watch, atleast try 480p haha.


siiiiiiiick dude.


very nice :slight_smile: I especially like the 3rd. Is that the Wooly Markmont you’re using in the vid?


I like the one right before the last one, I like it alot. But all the tricks are good, make some more videos, hehe.

(Connor) #5

Yes it is. Thanks guys!


can you make a tutorial for the second trick?