FHZ for trade

THe FHZ is in pretty good condition except for the caps have a little hole from a knife when i took them out, those are easily replaceable though, and three very small dings. Im looking for an offstring yoyo or a grind machine w/ stacks. This is the perfect yoyo to mod on you can do pretty much anything with it. If you have any other offer notify me.

Ill have pics up soon( like when my dad gets home and shows me how to download the pics from the camera) , you cant tell the caps have a knife hole in the pics it is very small and doesnt affect the play. I also only use 1 friction sticker because it is VERY responsive. I use it for Offstring and am looking for an acual offstring yoyo.

Buy it now price $10.00 If you buy it ill clean the bearing and add in a chaos string

NOTE: It also comes with wide spacers (in yoyo) and thin spacers

brand new FHZ’s are only 2 dollars more, good luck selling this