FHZ / Diablo combination mod


I randomly and very tiredly came up with this last night, it’s pretty cool, looks great and works awesome!
It plays unresponsive and there’s no vibe at all! and it looks like an hour glass :slight_smile:


Here it is next to a One Drop Y-Factor

I used a diablo axle, took out the solid piece and put in a A-size center track bearing with YoYo Factory small bearing spacers.
I stick a Duncan silicone sticker on one side for some response.


I took out the axle of the FHZ and replaced it with a longer axle and that’s it.

Here’s a quick video of me playing with the super wide FHZ

This mod with this axle also works with great with most of small bearing Duncan yoyos!

Duncan Mosquito

Duncan Throw Monkey

Duncan Pro-Yo


your using the same diablo for each time, right?


yeah i only have one diablo so i use the same axle for each yoyo


how is it in ireland? im about 1/2 irish but for you i dont think it wold matter that much.

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I’m half Irish too, other half is French. I was bummed because I actually thought it was functioning as a daibolo. I’ve been using my friends daibolo for a while but unfortunately it’s too big to do the technical tricks I’m interested in developing. An undersized diabolo would be perfect for that. I can get away with a 3", but a 2 1/2" (?) would be perfect!

Any thoughts on developing some sort of peice on the spacer to keep the bearing from spinning so it can function as a diabolo? You could just get a junk spacer and tap a notch in it so when you screw it together the bearing doesn’t spin.


Ireland is cool except i’m the only yoyo player i know of in all of ireland… that sucks a lot…

But yeah, the axle is from a diablo, diablo axles have a sold piece in the middle, i had to take that out to put the bearing in, so if i just left that solid piece where the bearing is now, it would be a tiny diablo :slight_smile:

I’d say this mod would work with most diablo’s and duncan yoyos :slight_smile:


Now that’s a cool mod!!!

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I think you could use a pgm to and maybe a p2 if you find a smaller diablo


Hi Im new to this forum and i thought that mod was awesome. I just had a couple questions about it. First Question: What diabolo did you use Second: What sized axle did you use and third how did you attach the axle to the yoyo. Thank you


hi Yomega
sorry to say but this thread is a year old
the guy that did this mod isn’t active in the fourms to my knowledge
and next time try not to bump up old threads


Thats OK thanks for responding back Im guessing it is 0.7 by 50 or 60 mm so ill try those Thank you


and also sorry and thanks for the advice im new and i didnt know that sorry