FHZ Caps Question


How do you make the caps on a FHZ completely white? This is out of complete curiosity. :slight_smile:


mineral spirits…put some on a cloth and rub


You are going to rub too long with mineral spirits, Try dot 3 or dot 4 brake fluid. The main thing to remember is not to leave it on wet. Dry it off when yo are done.


I have yet to try Dot3 but Icthus is right, you will be there for a good amount of time w/ mineral spirits.


Honestly I like chucking up a q-tip in a dremel, soaked in brake fluid and gettin after it.


Hmmmmmmmmm, your getting my gears going now, LOL!!!


Then why would you recommend it?


germ x and napkins more effective if you switch napkins when they become completely wet


Assuming that the caps are already white and you just want to remove the “FH Zero” logo, nail polish remover would probably work. If the caps are anything other than white, you’d have to paint them. Please ignore the advice to use bleach, it’s not going to work.


problem with nail polish remover is it will end up eating the plastic if you are not fast at it. I’ve tried it a long time ago with horrid results. Proven and most widely used method is a rag and dot3 or dot4 brake fluid.


I’ll bow to your experience with brake fluid because I’ve never tried it. I just suggested nail polish remover because it is probably much more likely to be available around the house than brake fluid. Also, I recently used nail polish remover to successfully remove an unsightly logo from a plastic promo item I picked up at a thrift sale. I did it quickly and you’d never know the logo was there, it’s just as clear as the rest of the plastic. I don’t know though, the FHZ may be a different plastic than what I used it on.


Okay. Thanks Everyone. Thread Locked. :slight_smile: