Favorite yoyo

If I need a transfusion, I know who to come to.

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YYF edge Beyond all the way


I got the red and orange I love it

Me too!

This is an impossible question.

If I have to narrow it down to 5 I’ve got

Senti Metal

But it changes daily :rofl:

Elevated might be my desert island yo-yo though.
If I survive a plane crash in the Swiss alps, that’s the first thing I’d reach for.

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good choices ngl

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Papercut is actually so dope.

I got the Black Friday early version, it’s the only throw where I didn’t choose the colour.

It’s a bit :face_vomiting:

The only time I’ve noticed how much those aesthetics will stop me choosing to play with a really high performing yoyo


Beautiful yoyos do play better after all :wink:

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The path is honestly so good

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100%! I never realized u til this past year how much colorway DOES matter to me. I also got the early version and I loved the yo-yo and knew it had the potential to be a favorite but didn’t love the Calloway. So I ended up selling it, and a week later they released the production run and I copped in a color I love! Now it feels special. And that’s the way it goes for a decent portion of my throws. Sometimes I’ll take a throw in whatever color it’s available in if I want to try it bad enough, then if I end up loving how it plays I will wait for an opportunity to come up to get it in a better color and do the same thing. Sometimes when financial struggles arise and I’m forced to sell some yo-yos, I will offer sell a yoyo that might be a favorite that’s extremely hard to replace but if it’s in a color way I don’t love I will list it. And take the risk of not being able to get another. But so far the universe always seems to work out and not long after I sell it, a better one usually seems to fall right in my lap. I’ve slowly upgraded and curated a lot of my collection doing this.


Dude, I busted mine out for the first time in like a month, and it absolutely slays. It’s so balanced, I didn’t even have to swap the old string out for a good five mins. The weight is perfect when it returns to my hand!

Yh man papercut rips. I’ve not seen it mentioned much, I might’ve just missed it tho.
Probably my favourite YYFr throw.

@Yoyomikie yh man! I hear that. I might try and sell this one and bag another colour. Or get it refinished somewhere :eyes:


Windoundary for learning aerials and risky stuff, Galaxy diver and stellar ix for doing tricks I’m comfortable with. Hornet for 2a.