Favorite animals

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Heyo! ^ ^

So I know that many of you have gotta have a favorite animal, or a variety of favorite animals.
For some of us, its a great appreciation and like for certain animal species. And for some others it goes beyond just a like, and becomes a deep love for the creature. And for a select few, we have a species which is more than a like, or love, but a deep connection through our spirit that connects us with the spirits of these animals and wires us together in a beautiful dance.

So what are these animals for you?

Ill post mine and how I relate.

So first and foremost, are wolves. Many have seen that my love for wolves goes beyond just a simple liking to the species. Since childhood, I have been fascinated and awed by these creatures, and as time went on, I found that I had a very deep connection with their spirit and the essence of what makes them what they are. Truly amazing creatures that I am forever as one with.

Next are Foxes. I just…awrrrr I love them so much. I love their personality, their look, the way they carry themselves, everything. They are just incredible and fun and I love them! ^ ^

And finally CHEETAHS!
I have always liked cheetahs, I actually have an attraction to them honestly. Their sleek and curvy shape is mesmerizing to see. Such an awesome and beautiful creature,

So there are my three.
What are yours?



Pretty much all Canines are a love of mine!
Some felines, but sadly allergic to those cute little kitties…

And Penguins EEEK omg these things are just so adorable!

Sloths. These animals.are so DARNN cute its just too much <3

There’s defiantly more
I’ll post more as I think of em ;3

Dogs are pretty darn okay.

Pretty darn.

Ya know what rhymes with sloth?

And I like penguins and otters.

My family has an 18/19 year old cat, and she is so adorable.
We haven’t been keeping track of her age for a while now.

I love tigers. They are beautiful creatures.


I like cats and ducks and Canadian geese.

Lately I’ve been thinking about that mouse deer. The thing just looks so weird. It looks just like it sounds, a deer with mouse legs.



I didn’t know that existed.

Western toads!!! They are sooooo cute!!!
And… Slightly over weght pugs that have lost an eye (they are just so adorable)!!
I am so jealous of my friend that has 2.

I like tigers and hedgehogs right now. I want a pet hedgehog soooo bad there so cute! However our puppy Paolo is great.

it’s photoshopped look carefully.

Personally, wooly marmots, puffins, sasquatch (is it an animal?), bassalopes…you know!

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I feel really really stupid.

I like koalas and red pandas,because they don’t get much love…

I’d like to solidify that dogs are totally decent.

Humans are my favorite animal.

i really like dogs. whenever i see a beggar with a dog, it’s not the human i feel pity for.

a dog really is man’s best friend.

HaruRay- i’m absolutely sure you haven’t actually had any real life experience with a fox. (TV and zoo doesn’t count)