Faulty posting text boxes?

When I type a typical response, this fault is no problem, but when I type a review or I am speiling on something, I contuinue on, activating the scroller and whatnot, but as soon as you get to that point, the textbox will not scroll down with what you are typing, but will flash the bottom for a second, yet stay on the top. Yes, you can scroll down to check punctuation, but once you type again, it pops up to the top.

Anyone else have this? Experiment with it as you respond…

nope never

Same thing happens to me. Not sure what it’s doing, but if you have something long you need to reply with, copy everything into notepad and type what you want, then copy everything back and tada!

I suppose so, but it is still a problem.

Do you have more than one computer in your house? You might not have that problem on a differant computer.