Fat ps2 vs slim ps2 vs new slim ps2


I broke my slim ps2 from 2006(?), but have a whole bunch of games that I want to keep playing. What do you think I should go for? Pros/Cons of each?


The bigger fat PS2 is more powerful and doesnt over heat that often.

The slim one over heats all the time


I had the fat one for so long and it worked fine. The only reason that I got rid of it is because the disk tray wouldn’t close. Other than that we barely had to restart it or anything.


If you have a power cord I’d be happy to give/sell you a spare ps2 I have. it’s slim. the power cord is the only thing that’s wrong with it, but I didn’t know that so I bought a whole new system. It’s been sitting on a shelf ever since. I’ll double check to see if it still works. but it should.


Power cords are fairly cheap. :slight_smile:


Noonar: I know, I thought it was the system that was broken so I bought a new one(it came with cords). Then I used the new cords on the old system. And it worked! So I’m offering him the old system, because it works if you have working cables :slight_smile:

EDIT: Storage mustn’t have been to kind to the system, sorry xmoto :’(
Let mew know if I can do something in the future to make up for the false alarm :stuck_out_tongue: