"fangirlling" hahaha do you fangirl?

well I follow some pros on instagram, and I totally fangirl when Jensen and I have our crazy conversations, dudes honestly a cool kid. hahaha anybody else fangirl? like I just had a threeway convo with Jensen and zammy lololol. but hey if anyone wanna follow me on instagram ill follow back, I post up some yoyo stuff, but mostly just things I deem pretty, or if im having a good time youll see a pic of that to, anyways its @green_eggs_n_samm

You should have seen me at the last Stargate convention I attended. Massive day-long flail fest XD Adding you on instagram now. I’m @yuki-onitsura.


Stargate was such a good show I miss it. It’s sad how things went down for Stargate Universe. I’ll stop there I don’t want to thread jack.

I fangurled gentry and augie (my 2 fav yoyo players) at calstates! I was like “ERMAHGERDZ CAZ U SIGNZ MY YOYOZ!”