Hope you all like it.

Feedback is welcome…

… Or not

mhmm… gonna try learning it right now :wink: pretty late already here, lets see how far i get before i fall asleep^^

EDIT: having a hard time with that pop in the middle… hit it a few times, but can´t figure out how exactly :smiley: well, enough for today

Yeah man that one took me a little to get consistently. It’s just one of those tricks that when you land it enough times, you just start hitting it every time. Just keep practicing. Glad you’re learning it :slight_smile:

still can´t hit the pop perfectly yet, i have to correct it most of the time… but i got the rest down pretty nice, and the trick is pretty neat.
for the tutorial, i would have liked a front view, i dont think it needs text or anything… but some parts are pretty hard to see from this view. and maybe slow it down even more.

thanks for the tutorial, one more trick in my book :smiley:

Duely noted, my friend.