Facebook mini contest #2 ended. #3 is comming soon!?


Let’s do another Facebook mini contest at my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yus-yoyo/292843194071746.

Here is the rule for the current Facebook mini contest.
Mini contest #2 rule.

  1. Post your yoyo related photo in Yu’s yoyo wall. (one photo per person.)

  2. I want to see some artistic photos.

  3. To win, your photo needs to be liked.

  4. The most liked photo is winner.

  5. You can like your photo.

  6. In case of tie, I count the number of people who likes your photo and also likes Yu’s yoyo page.
    (Don’t forget to tell your friends like both your photo and Yu’s yoyo page.)

  7. If still we have tie, my girlfriend will chose the one she likes.
    (See rule 2)

  8. I will count the number of likes at some point on Dec 11th.
    (I will announce it in the wall.)

  9. The winner will get the following prize.

  10. I ship the prize only in US.


  1. Duncan Freakhand (Pirate version)
  2. 15 Kitty strings ( 5 normal, 5 fat, 5 nylon strings. All yellow color.)



7 entries!!

Have fun!!


Please visit my facebook page and find a picture you like and like it!!



Due is this Sunday.

Post your photo at my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/Yus-yoyo/292843194071746.

Have your friend like it.

Please make this contest more competitive by posting your photo!!



2 days left!!


The deadline of the contest #2 is 12:11 PM on 12/11 in EST. SO it’s tomorrow noon.


The facebook contest #2 has ended! Thank you for your participation!!

The contest #3 is comming soon!! Check updates at my facebook page!!

Thanks :slight_smile: