extra DNA bearing.

my dna just arrived today. it is awesome! it came with an extra bearing that is half the width of the one that is in it. what is it for??? i guess it is meant to be put beside the extra one to make the gap wider. i don’t really know and was just wondering.

that is probaly the YYF 1/2 spec bearing.

oh thats for the hubstacks
I think

ok they send those extra in case you want a smaller gap take out the big bearing with the really wide gap and you can put that in and get a smaller gap, some people like that, I do.

The extra bearing is for hubstack.

Happy Throwing! =]

no it is a 1/2 spec read the description

Is it small? If it is smaller diameter then the normal bearing, it is a hubstack bearing. However, if it is the same as the bearing inside, then it is the 1/2 Half SPEC bearing. This is if you don’t like the gap size on your DNA, and you could adjust it.

the bearing is half the size (narrower). the diameter is the same. i like the wide gap myself.

Then its most likely just to make the gap smaller or larger. If you like it the way it is, just keep the other bearing somewhere safe so you dont lose it. Just incase one day you decide to change your gap width. :wink:

That’s what I’m saying. read it again.

Happy Throwing! =]

That is the YYF Half Spec bearing. Use it if you want a smaller gap for more responsive play.