EX Machina

so i was browsing the yoyofactory website and saw that there was a yoyo called the ex machina http://www.yoyofactory.com/pro/ex-machina witch seems cool but then i saw another yoyo, the arabic mark ex machina http://www.yoyofactory.com/pro/arabic-mark-ex-machina which i like considering the cheaper price, but i wanted to know what the differences are considering the arabic mark doesnt have much a description. just want to be sure im not paying for something that’s not good. ;D


It’s a forum, man.

You’re asking for info that only a select group of people will know. If you needed an instant answer, shoot YYF an email and ask them what’s what. Otherwise you’re stuck waiting for someone who has played both yoyos to click on the topic, remember the differences and then want to give you their opinion. It’s the bad part of dedicated forums in this day in age, social media has all but replaced their usefulness.

I have both… they are both Great. One is as good as the other.

The $60 for the black; makes it just that much better🤓

Amazing deal!

I wouldn’t kid you…

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The arabic mark one just has a different engraving, same yo-yo.

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The Ex Machina is a great yoyo! I would say it was one of my top favorites bimetals. I do regret to some extent getting rid of mine but the offer was too good :wink:

Ex machina is fantastic I got 2 for 3a

I have this exact arabic mark black yoyo and it is VERY good. It has such a great feel, I am generally a fan of organic hybrid H shapes and this does it for me. The angle steps feel great in hand as well. Go for it!