Everything sold


  • SF CeaseFire , NMTBS, without box (75$ ON HOLD)
    -UNPRLD Recognition , small scuff. Minor fingernail vibe ( 30$ ON HOLD)
    -Retic Puff Adder , B grade for a small bump in the ano in the center of one cup. Very smooth.
    (10$ addon with any yoyo)
    -OD Clique , Mint with box (SOLD)
    PM for any info or trade offers or if you buy multiples ill cut prices down.
    Will trade for a Banshee

Sales CONUS only and payment via paypal

Prices are shipped. Feel free to ask any questions.

Clique (SOLD)

CeaseFire, Puff Adder, Recognition ( CeaseFire and Recog ON HOLD)


Are you only selling the EB and EB 66 as a pair? :thinking::face_with_monocle:


I would like to. Im willing to knock the price down more though if you are interested.


Bump. Clique no longer on hold. Still for sale

Added stuff.

Everything gone. Please close

Glad everything sold for you man!!

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Thx. Technically im keeping the puff adder and the CF and recog im holding. But its for a friend nearby so i know the sale is gonna pull through.
(Racking up money for batsquatch and G2 stuff)
@vegabomb do you mind closing this?