>>>Evan is Back!<<< FS/T: Hulk Smash peak LF: UnKnown, OneDrop, and cases!


Hey guys,
Don’t think anyone remebers me, (Evan was old name… changed to this name and can’t change back -.-)but help me out and give me some new tips/stuff haven’t done much ;). BUUUUT!!

Trading/Selling my Hulk Smash. Good condition, a few minor dings, pictues on request.

The others are MOMZ, Legacy, Painted FHZ, and a Phantom.
But basically offer anything reasonable but only thing i’m really looking for is Madhouse throws. Also looking for Onedrop, Aquarius’, and Cases.

Also looking for anything newer,havent been throwing much past few months need to get back into it.


Birds Undergo Many Pupils.


pm me and name your price. i also have an 888x with video.


Stop the lowballs guys…


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