epic yoyoing- my second vid

just a quick video i made with my friends nate and robbie…
edited by me.


PS. don’t forget to watch in HD on vimeo!

Don’t do everything in slow motion. it got really annoying

Slow mo is why its so epic 8)

It wasn’t epic, it was boring and annoying and just bad. No offense but this video didn’t turn out very good.

Plastering effects on videos generally doesn’t make them better. You either need to use none or few smartly, otherwise you’ll make your video less exciting than it could have been.

Redundancy gets redundant.

this got boring after first 30 seconds of it so did the song…

It wasn’t all that bad, but way to much slow mo, the most slow mo you should use is like 8 seconds at max. Also, there’s no reason to critisize the video if you don’t have something constructive to say.

Whatever dawg, you’re just jealous you didn’t think of doing an epic metal version of O Fortuna first.

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my friends and i just wanted to do an all slo-mo video just to see how it would turn out…
in hindsight, I can see how it would be a bit boring though.
thanks for the feedback!