Enable pinch zoom with photos

I’d like to be able to pinch zoom in and out with the photos after I’ve tapped them.

I just sometimes like to look closely at small details.

Should be already possible? I’ve done this many times on my phone, just be sure to tap to expand the image first. I don’t have my phone at hand to test, though.

(Oh wait do you mean on the store proper, or the forum?)

I mean on the forum.

Hmm, well … tap once on the image, then tap again. What happens?

Another option is to tap on the image, then tap on the download link to open the image in a new tab by itself.

Test in this image


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So it work with this image…Weird.

If it is a tiny image in the first place there is nothing to lightbox.

E.g. this


You are already seeing it full size because it was never that big to start with.

But ordinarily, even the ones that do lightbox I can’t pinch zoom.


It’s more like

  • tap (to see lightbox)
  • tap again (to expand lightbox)
  • scroll with finger