Element- Air, Water, Fire, Earth, YOYO??

just a short video i made. sorry for the bad 5a  :-\ and SUBSCRIBE!

It always seems like I’m the first person to comment on your videos. Another successful video, and I think your best one yet! And I didn’t think your 5A was that bad as you say.

this might be really confusing but this video is kyle, not adam… you see we are twins and we share the same account. adam posts all of the videos and this is the first video by kyle.

I don’t think you’re telling the truth. Isn’t that Adam? Is this a joke?

cool vid!!!

If that 5A was what you guys here consider “bad”, i will never post any of mine :-[

great stuff man

heyy i have that shirt!! and veryy nice video and senaryy … and bambi hahaa anywayys nice vid man keep posting

and yes we are twins :slight_smile: i am not lying.

Great Video! The 1a was tight :wink:

Spyy addiction ftw ;D