Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One

Does anyone here play the Elder scrolls online for Xbox one?? If so, I’m looking for people who would like to join my guild that I created… Apparently I need 50 people before I can get a guild store… My Guild is called Kings of Camelot. And anyone can join in. Just add me to your friends list. Gamer tag is ThinkH2o.
Thank you.

I don’t think the server is split up. It’s cross platform gaming, meaning the PS4, PS3, Xbone, and PC all play in the same servers.

Don’t you have to play an extra fee for elder scrolls online? I have a ps4 so I pay about $50 a year for ps plus to play multiplayer. I hear you have to pay an extra fee for elder scrolls online. Is this true?

That is not true… You can if you choose to, pay $15 a month to get extra perks as you play… Otherwise, all you need it the game to play.