duratrax evader ext2

ok i have a duratrax evader ext2 that im wanting to trade for a few throws!!! the throws would have to be impressive for me to ship it to you. everything works as it should. tires and rims are new. here is a link to a youtube video of the same exact truck i have for trade …http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypXqNgR3jtA…i just put new street tires and rims on it to+ have the stock off road tires

here is a lil bit of info i found online about it
The four new trim schemes and the split 6-spoke wheels? Strictly for show. But everything else about the Evader EXT2 is strictly for “Go-go-go!” A Photon Speed 2 motor delivers the speed, a proven Sprint ESC provides precise control and treaded all-terrain tires put power to the ground anywhere you go. They’re all included…and like the metal-capped oil shocks and onboard gear for the Tactic 2-channel radio, they’re ready to take off-road by storm. Affordability, durability and performance. That’s what every first-time driver wants and that’s exactly what the DuraTrax Evader EXT2 RTR delivers - and then some! Tough MagnaFlexTM Chassis Off-roading is a breeze for the injection-molded MagnaFlex chassis. It’s ultra-tough to absorb impacts and everyday wear and tear. Complete Ball Bearings A complete set of ball bearings provides smooth, reliable operation and extended life. Precision Metal Idler Gear A metal idler gear helps make the EXT2’s durable, long-lasting tranny off-road ready. The performance enhancements begin with the included Photon Speed 2TM motor, which delivers quick acceleration and awesome top-end speed. The SprintTM Electronic Speed Control offers forward, brake and reverse, while the battery hold-down accommodates 6-7 cell NiCds/NiMHs and 2-cell LiPos. Please note that a low-voltage cutoff (LVC) is required to use LiPos. Killer looks! Want to trick out your Evader EXT2? Plenty of hop-ups are available for unlimited upgrading possibilities. The Evader EXT2 RTR is rough, tough and ready for off-road action. Everything a first-time driver could ever want is included, so they’re guaranteed to get hooked on the first drive!

pm me offers plz

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