Duncan World-Class! - Available Saturday - 09/09/23 - 8pm ET!


The iconic Duncan World-Class yo-yo design has been brought into the modern world by reimagining it in metal. Back in the 1980s, during the era of fixed-axle yo-yos, the World-Class stood as the premier plastic competitive model of its time.

World-Class-Black World-Class-Black-02 World-Class-Black-05

Today, we proudly present a fully metallic rendition of this World-Class model, complete with an H-profile and a unique hollow flat cap design that faithfully captures its essence. Unlike its fixed axle predecessor, this version is equipped with size A bearings, pad response, and bind specifications.

Whether you prefer its slim form for play or wish to add it to your collection as a nostalgic memento, the choice is yours to make.


Is this an unresponsive?

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Looks like a wide bearing. Wouldn’t stop me from making it responsive. I really like this and the freehand 2 Al that came from worlds. Might have to snag one of each


looks like a konkave on the front profile, you can prob just swap in a slim bearing


Yes, it’s an A bearing unresponsive.


I run a thick string and mine is tug responsive. It is one of my favorite yoyos. It gets a good percentage of my throw time. I have the Worlds edition with the tacky silver/gray finish on the inside like the Samurai Mini.

Anyway, I think people are sleeping on this one. Its a blast.