duncan vintage

(BB) #1

hello i have a 1950 duncan mini imperial and it has one scuff and the print is rubbing off
note im not selling i want to know how much i can get for it

(M²) #2

it depands on who you sell it too.

(BB) #3

it also has the original string and its not looped around the axle and not broken open

(M²) #4

well, i’m gonna guess $5 if your luckey.

(BB) #5

thats more than i was guessing kool

(M²) #6

it was a guess mind you though, and thats asuming you can find someone to buy it. I don’t know of a lot of people who would buy, and it costs $1 to ship so by then is it worth it? anyways just my imput, good luck.

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