Duncan Plastics

I have 2 duncan crew FH Zero’s in pretty good condition. I also have a Duncan = Love FH zero.

All are used but no major flaws.

Any ideal what they are worth?

I don’t know a lot about values but I would guess pretty close to retail, somewhere in the range of 70-90% of the original price. Unless they’re limited edition at which point I have no idea.

Check out what similar items are going for on ebay. That will give you a starting point. But as we all know a lot of stuff on ebay is highly inflated. Unless they are MIP (unopened) probably not more than 60-70% of what you paid for them.

That’s the thing you cant buy duncan crew yo yo. They give them out to the members of the duncan crew and they are not for retail sale. :-\

Also there aren’t any of the crew FH zero on ebay… I tried that.

Colors mean everything. There both red and pink duncan equals love zeros so that would help to know which color as well as the duncan crew. Pics would make things even easier. Keep in mind most SE zeros go in the range of $25-$35 unless they’re very rare like the sakura zero