FS/FT Price Drop

Jakob Austin

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Row 1

  • Duncan Freehand AL- $15 - scuffed up from 5A play. Still plays fine with normal Duncan vibe. Blue w/Silver caps
  • Duncan Freehand AL -$20 - Few scuffs doesn’t effect play. Normal Duncan vibe. Black w/pink caps
  • Duncan Freehand 1AL- $30- few small scuffs- doesn’t effect play Blue w/yellow caps

Row 2

  • Duncan Tourney - $40- Few Scuffs doesn’t effect play
  • Duncan Butterfly AL - $30-few small marks - normal Duncan vibe
  • Duncan MKT- $25 - few small marks from CWs- has caps on

Row 3

Row 4

  • YoYo Zeeiko Slim Jim $30 - Mint - brown/gold will come with both size bearings




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