Duncan Midnight Special <> Imperial?

I just saw a short, outdated documentary clip on the Duncan company and one of the executives specifically named the “Midnights” (I assume he meant the Midnight Special) as a different model from the Imperials. Does anyone know if the Midnight Special is fundamentally different from the Imperial? Perhaps, is it made from the same kind of plastic as the Wheels, and therefore plays slightly differently (more mass or something)?

I have one from 1999. Pretty fun and is wider from the regular imperial.

Is there a link to this clip?

Sorry, it took me forever to dig up again:
Duncan Toys Featurette - Across Indiana - 1997

Around 1:30 he mentions “7 different styles” and names: Professional, Wheels, Butterflies, “Midnights,” Glows, Imperials…and he doesn’t name the seventh. Perhaps it’s the Neo which would just make a fourth Imperial-shaped model. But I’m curious whether the type of plastic makes a difference in play, really among all four of those (clear for the Imperial, translucent for the Glow, black for the Midnight, opaque for the Neo). I do know the Wheel is fundamentally different from the Butterfly and you can most definitely feel it.

I do know the Neo was occasionally produced in the old Special body style (I have one). It doesn’t have the extra ring-shaped indentations on the outside, but the gap is wider and you can see the extra “hubs” on the inside.

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Total 80’s special! Lol hate to say it but that old dude had some moves…but those kids…not so much… That was cool to watch. Thanks for sharing…sorry I don’t have more midnight info.

Glad you liked it. If you want something even cornier, check Ebay for an old Duncan “Yoyo Extravaganza” tape starring Arne Dixon. Only available on VHS. Features a brief cameo of the ill-fated Mel-Yo-Dee yo-yo.

(while explaining how to loop the loop)
“You can have one loop…or you can have two loops…or…”
[stack of Fruit Loops boxes magically appears)
“…you can have Fruit Loops.”