Duncan Gold Counterweight Set


I’m not necessarily selling these puppies, just curious as to how much they would be “worth”? Or if they are even rare nowadays or basically anything along those lines. I recall my dad getting them for me years and years and years ago when I was little and went through a short yoyo fad which unfortunately wasn’t very productive and didn’t last very long… This was maybe about 8 or 9 years ago, but I honestly can’t remember how old I was, so don’t quote me on that. They are virtually unused. The only thing they have really done is smack me a few times. :-\ lol

But anyway, anything you know about them would be sweet to hear. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle have em for $20

They look real cool though!


Fish don’t care much for gold…


YYE seems to like Billy Bob’s Bait and Tackle.


You see, it’s funny cause I’m the one that put that there. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind getting a set of those counterweights though


I have a Silver set that came with the MGs if you have a clear die, lol.