Drop The Puck

Minnesota State High School hockey tournament is on. 14 games in 4 days. Great hockey!!! :crazy_face:


I’m in Kentucky so it is high school basketball. My great niece is a freshman who has started about half of the varsity games. They are in the regional tournament hoping to go to state next week. She is a lot of fun to watch because she is defense focused. As a freshman she leads the team in blocks, deflections and steals.


Well, my great-niece’s team won their region and is going to the state tournament next week. She came off the bench in the semi-final last night, got 20 points including 6 for 8 from 3, and got co-player of the game. Not bad for a freshman. Tonight in the final the other team kept getting open 8 footers and hitting them. Coach put her in the game to plug the hole in the defense. She did her job, they beat a top 10 team, and she made the all tourney team, AS A DEFENSIVE PLAYER OFF OF THE BENCH!


Sounds like a great time for the team.

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The annual tournament hockey hair finalists have been announced…

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