Drawing Class Project


For Drawing 1, we had to find a picture, cut it in half, tape one half, and then draw out the other half. I chose a pic of John Ando during 2008 worlds 1A.


My Drawing!

The Superstar was hard to draw. The shading is a bit off. Also, my teacher drew the face.


Whoa, I wish I could draw. :frowning: I like the amount of detail you put into it, looks great!


Thanks. I spent two days on this drawing. This is actually the best drawing I’ve done… ever.

Also, he has strangely big hands. Those were hard to draw.


What about pony drawings eh? :frowning: make a pony that tops it :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously though, AWESOME JOB!


Sweet drawing dude. :slight_smile:


Wish I would thought of something like this for my art class… Ended up doin mountain dew instead

Anyhoo, sweet pic!