Dragonvale Friends

Hey guys! so i need some friends that i can exchange gems with! Friends me on game center! Its:


Ok I got Yoyo Kangaroo! Two more!

I’m on dragonvale I don’t get on much I can do dat.

I accepted your request! But i did not see you on Dragonvale…

Odd cause I’m definitely on it besides I f you don’t see my park your missing out It looks amazing IMO.

Lol found it! Send me a gem ok?

Okay may I do it tomorrow though? (by the way just so ya know imma saving up for one of those gem tree things)

Ok! Just so you know, its free to send gems! You get 3 every day!

I know but I was on this morning an I already used them :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Ok!