Dove New Colors by YoYoFriends!

The Dove by YoYoFriends is BACK!

YoYoFriends strives to release competition level yo-yos at every price range and now they want to expand their lineup with a more fun, enjoyable, and affordable yo-yo. The Dove!

The idea was brought up by yoyofriends team member, Owen Titus, who really enjoys the feeling and characteristics of plastic yo-yos. He encouraged them to tackle this project and the YoYoFriends design team responded with a Delrin prototype that received rave reviews!

Delrin gives a unique soft plastic feel while still being able to come close to the weight distribution achieved with aluminum. The Dove has a nice curved H-shape profile with chunky rims that round down into the aluminum fingerspin hub. They kept the weight relatively low and evenly distributed for a pleasantly nimble feel in play that you just can’t get with aluminum. It moves fast and smooth in play and responds to your slightest command with ease!