Double or Nothing Trouble HELP!!!!!

Ok,so when I do the 2 trapezes to land the trick,I always land on both string.Im using a Grindmachine but it fails all the time! HELP!!!

The first time the string goes around your nonthrowhand index finger, get it close to the webbing. Then the second wrap as you go to catch it with that same finger the 2nd time around, you’ll use the tip of your finger. That should separate the strings nicely to make sure you are landing on only one. If you have extremely small hands, this might be tough, but hang in there.

As he said, here is how I teach:

  1. Do a trapeze with your non-throwhand pointer
  2. Put the yoyo over your non-throwhand pointer.
  3. Tilt the yoyo over to your throwhand
  4. Do a mini trapeze on your throwhand pointer.

In part 1, do the trapeze on the stem or web of the non-throwhand pointer finger.
Then in part 4, when you do the mini trapeze on your non-throwhand pointer, do it on the tip or between the first and second nuckle.

Now try to put all 4 steps together and, remember practice.

Thanks you guys

i had trouble learnin to and thats what i did