Double Dutch Triangle Tutorial


Hey Guys, here is the second tutorial I promised. I truly hope you guys enjoy it. I will from now, possibly once or twice a week I will be making tutorial videos to help those who are new to yoyoing, and/or those just looking to pick up on some new tricks. I love the yoyo community and I love you guys. You guys are amazing. I just want to become a bigger part of this community and to help it grow and also give back to the community any way I can. Since I’m a very poor person, I figured doing tutorials was the only shot I got. I will also try helping out setting up booths at contest whenever I get to make it there. But back on topic. Here is another trick from my One Year video called “Double Dutch Triangle.” I truly hope you guys enjoy it. Please, feel free to comment below on how I am doing. If you have an constructive criticism,
Thank You-
Colby H


Pause at 1:10, it looks like the yoyo isn’t moving. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its crazy what an illusion can do. I can promise you that yoyo is moving the entire time.


Shutter speeds can do some crazy stuff to yoyos, in this case made that Vanguard look like an insanely stable dead yoyo :slight_smile:


With ideas like this after just one year of throwing, yeah, you’ll definitely gain exposure in the yoyo community.

Well done.